HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) Report


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has launched HJRS (HEC Journal Recognition System) since July 2020 to provide all approved research journals of Pakistan and internationally under a single platform. The attached report is an endeavor to explain the what and the how of the HJRS system. Currently, HJRS covers journals from seven major fields and 27 subfields of knowledge. The HJRS system encompasses data of around 28, 000 journals, both of the national and international journals (from 123 countries), explained thoroughly in this document through visual and descriptive data for the understanding of a wider audience. Importantly, the process of calculating JPI (Journal Prestige Index) is also discussed in this report with additional information about the criteria used in assigning W, X or Y categories to journals. The basic understanding about Indexing, SCOPUS, Web of Science (WoS) can guide editors as well as scholars to improve their journals and publishable work, respectively. Lastly, the merits and demerits about the HJRS are discussed with the suggestions from the author.